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D.I.Y : How I customize my black soap

African black soap with turmeric powder, lemon juice, red sandal wood powder and honey

Hey everyone!

How is everyone  doing? A happy new month to you.
Time to reevaluate those goals again, the year is speeding by. Let's work towards achieving the year's goals.
So today, I come bearing a DIY (Do It Yourself) project.....
I got around to doing this 3weeks ago and I thought to document it for you guyz (pictures, steps and all that). I was particularly excited about this process because of having the option of combining a natural soap base (in this case black soap) with other natural ingredients that are skin-nourishing and also scent naturally if I choose.
This is a shortcut method of achieving a customized batch of soap without really “making” soap from scratch.

At the end of this post, I hope I motivate you to give this project a try.

Side Note 1 : Might I add, black soap doesn't melt quickly and I didn't want to introduce any H2O into my soap. So i'd show you how to get around it to successfully add essential oils or other additives to your soap.


  • Soap base : Black soap (from the Yoruba women that sell herbs, calabash and stuff at the market.... often referred to as "Elewe Omo").
  • Essential or plant oils of your choice : Shea oil, coconut oil, olive oil e.t.c.
  • Other additives of your choice : Lemon juice, Tumeric powder (from Spar supermarket), Camwood powder/ African red sandalwood powder (also got from "Elewe Omo"), honey e.t.c.
  • Mixing bowl : Thick ceramic or thick glass bowl and spoon or spatula or wooden spoon (you could use Eba turner *side eye*)
  • Double boiler : I don't have a double boiler so I made one. it's simple and I'd show you how.
  • Soap mold : I recycled my Mcvities digestive buscuit plastic mold for this purpose. You could make do with anything that has form as long as you'd be happy with the resulting shape.


  • Dice your black soap into small chunks and place in a ceramic bowl.
African black soap with turmeric powder, lemon juice, red sandal wood powder and honey

African black soap with turmeric powder, lemon juice, red sandal wood powder and honey

  • Let's make our double boiler. Take a large size pot half filled with water and place the ceramic bowl used in step 1 over it. Make Sure the bowl you use doesn't fit properly into the pot when placed over it so it won't make contact with the water underneath; so as to prevent your soap from burning. All we need is it's steam. Look to add water from time to time.
African black soap with turmeric powder, lemon juice, red sandal wood powder and honey

Homemade bain marie or double boiler

  • Place your makeshift double boiler on your cooker. And melt soap under low heat. Slowly but surely, guyz. And always stir.
  • While soap is melting, mix coconut oil, shea oil, turmeric powder and Camwood/red sandal wood powder all together. Don't worry about melting your shea butter, the hot soap batter would get everything nice and smooth.
African black soap with turmeric powder, lemon juice, red sandal wood powder and honey

  • When it's melted into a pasty sticky consistency having a dark brown colour, bring your bowl out of the pot and add your mixed additives.

Melted black soap with turmeric, sandalwood powder, coconut oil, shea oil, olive oil and honey

  • Stir everything properly till it's nice and smooth.
  • Add your freshly squeezed lemon juice and stir again. It's gonna look quite a creamy consistency.
Melted black soap with turmeric, sandalwood powder, coconut oil, shea oil, olive oil, homey and lemon juice

  • Then add into your already greased mold. I used coconut oil to lightly grease my mold.
African Black soap in Soap molds

  • I left for about three days and my soap was ready to come out and play on my body...lol.

Side Note 2 : I didn't tell you proportions of all additives because I feel they are subject to change. You could add just about any amount of your favorite thing; however the more oils you put the less chance your soap would get back to it's initial bar soap format (meaning no need for soap molds but a large container for your soap batter would suffice). And your amount of additives does not affect the lather property of your Soap too. So that's great.

That's it!.... Super easy! You can share this post with your friends with the share buttons below.

What do you think, guyz? 
Would you try this out?.....

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Until next, stay beautiful and have a beautiful weekend....

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  1. I'm always dropping by at the right time lol. Heyy, this is really creative. Seems easy too. Why does it look like Nutella before being molded tho.. I might as well lick.. Never mind. Thanks for sharing.
    Laitanbee Blog

    1. Lmao! Ola๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. It doesn't even smell as good as Nutella. I noticed that as it melted it got darker.
      Thank you for stopping by again

  2. You added melt soap? Please what ia melt soap? Any soap?


    1. Hey Cassie, not just any soap..there are soaps that are made specifically for melting but are not readily available in Nigeria...but mild soaps would do e.g baby soaps because they have fewer added chemicals and all that.
      But I preferred black soap because its all natural.

      Thank you so much for stopping by again

  3. Oh wow, this is great! I was just telling my mum that I want to get turmeric tomorrow so I can use on my face. I have a Black Pepper and Turmeric Soap that I use now though.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Black pepper? One would have to be extra careful.
      Thank you, berry for reading.

  4. Wow! This is just wow!
    I'm so in love with coconut oil. That soap will sure work wonders for the body.
    I've heard good things about turmeric powder.
    You are so creative, June! And beautiful too.


    1. Yes, the soap sure would work wonders. Turmeric powder is such a magical spice for the body.
      Thank you Precious for the kind words. Hope I see you again.

  5. Looks like i'm the last to get on this turmeric train.hehe!

    1. You need to get on real quick before it becomes a luxury spice...hehehe!
      Thank you for reading๐Ÿ˜˜

  6. Fantastic DIY! Using the biscuit mold was a very smart idea. Lol

    I am definitely going to try this out. It's such a great way of adding nice skin boosting ingredients to the soap. I've been told that black soap is a good for the skin.

    I enjoyed reading this June, thank you so much for sharing. :-)

    1. Yayyyyy! Cheers to giving it a try....thank you so much for reading and for always sharing your kind thoughts☺.
      Let me know how your soap turns out๐Ÿ˜‰.

  7. This is something i have always been looking forward to come accross. I hear a lot abou black soap but can't find it near me, so now I am going to make it. Thank you!


    1. Awwww...thank you Shasha, for reading and let us know how our soap turns out๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Wow, this is interesting.
    Thanks for sharing this!

  9. This is really useful. Especially considering you get to add your own favorite things into the mix.

    Lhurve Davies

    1. The privilege of adding skin nourishing ingredients is the best part. Thank you, Love for reading.

  10. Nice one dear, I've been looking for those Yoruba women to buy my ingredients to no avail! Nice blog, keep it up.


    1. Thanks Tessy! Look forward to having you again.

  11. Nice; curious question though...do you use this soap during the day? This is because I know line makes your skin photosensitive, so how do you prevent this???

  12. This is such a great post, very well detailed! I love it.
    Have been running away from black soap since it burnt my face but I think it's Time I mix things up & customize like you ๐Ÿ˜€


  13. Nice one June ,you just got a new subscriber ,I just did mine last night and I added ,honey,coconut oil,tumeric,moringa powder,Shea butter,sandalwood powder,sulphur,camwood pwder,fillers earn and orange peel powder it was a big batch and am sharing with my friends .I will stop by your page from time to time .
    Love you sis

  14. hello JUne. I just found your website and i think you post are really helpful. I decided to Customized my black soap with Fresh moringa leaves(blended), fresh tumeric(blended). shea butter, honey, lemon. on heating up,water entered my bowl as a result of the boiling process, so my soap turned liquid :-(. please can u tell me if i can use this customized soap for long. does it go bad, given the ingredients i added to it. I read in some post that black soap is highly alkaline and cant go bad but given the fact that i used fresh condiments do i need to worry?