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REVIEW | The POREfessional Matte Rescue by Benefit Cosmetics

how to use the benefit cosmetics porefessional matte rescue primer

The rave about Benefit Cosmetics as a brand has definitely influenced my decision to want to give any of their products a try. I have never tried anything from Benefit Cosmetics before and was so excited when I spotted this on the beauty aisle in a local supermarket.

I might be the last person on earth reviewing this product, since it’s been over a year of its release; but in my defense, I live on the other side of Benefit HQ, in another continent and I am a girl always on a budget. 

I have an oily skin-type and the words “Matte Rescue” made me want to try this for sure and the price was quite positive; I will reveal the price and where I got it in a bit. In addition, putting the words “Matte Rescue” on the package is clever market strategy, if you ask me.

how to use the porefessionalmatte rescue gel

What it says on the package :

“The POREfessional matte rescue is an invisible-finish mattifying gel. It is a super mattifying gel. This light weight, water-based gel overpowers shine and absorbs excess surface oil leaving a natural-looking matte-finish. Blended with diamond powder known for its soft-focus blurring effects, it instantly minimizes the look of pores”.

how to use porefessional matte rescue primer

Colour/ Scent/ Texture :

This product has an ice-blue tint to it and also a gel-like consistency that is not sticky in a disturbing way. The scent is refreshing and mildly fruity, very pleasant and not overbearing. It smells so good, guys.

how to use porefessional matte rescue primer

Quantity/ How to Use :
The product comes in a 50ml plastic tube; which definitely packs a punch of product in it to last you for months.

I apply a thin layer all over freshly cleansed and moisturized face. It applies really seamless on the skin and once you rub it in, the bluish tint disappears into a clear film and dries matte in a little less than a minute. 
So I love that it gives me time to work the product into my skin before it dries. Depending on how oily your skin gets; 2-3 pea-size of this product will do.
They also claim you can apply this over your make-up, which I feel weird about trying.

porefessional matte rescue review

Do I like or Dislike it?

I know we are all here for the content and may probably care so little about the packaging; but, can we take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate what a glamorous-looking tube this is and the beautiful silvery detailed package it comes in.

All in all I am pleased with this product for like 3 ½ -4 hours from application of my make-up. It does what it promises without a doubt but hasn’t totally eliminated the need for me to blot every now and then. It does instantly minimize my pores and I would have loved if it made them disappear, to be honest *sobs*.

I will recommend this product if you have a combination skin-type because I know it will hold up for a longer time. But if you have an oily skin like I do and do not mind blotting 4hours after you are out the door, then you can give this a go.
I like that it can be worn without any makeup over it; i.e. if I need my skin to breathe for the day.  It doesn’t weigh heavy on my face and no one will even notice I applied something on my skin.

The Benefit PORfessional Matte rescue mattifying gel is NOT a face primer, although I have used it in place of a primer and my make-up wasn't too shabby.

Some beauty enthusiasts, claim this product works pretty well in harmony with the POREfessional face primer. I will be on the look out for the primer to see how they hold up together and will definitely let you all in on it.

Price/ Where to buy it :

It retails for $28 on their website or you can get from other online/brick & mortar beauty stores.

But if you are in Nigeria, more specifically Lagos, I purchased mine from Ebeano supermarket in Lekki phase 1, Lagos.
It retails for NGN2,700 but the price may vary from store to store.

Have you used this product; was it a HIT or MISS for you? 
Please let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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Have a beautiful and fulfilled Wednesday.


  1. Ebeano is far from where i live but i will find this mattifying gel this saturday.
    thank you for the review

    1. I hope you find it too! Thank you for reading, Ruthy. Xx...