March 13, 2016

why you react earrings, necklaces and jewelries
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I was going back and forth on whether to do this post or let it slide. Or felt perhaps no one really cares about this kinda stuff, dunno. 
I'm one of those few people that have metal/jewelry allergies (peculiar person abi?).
 But i figured maybe i could share what I've learned and maybe enlighten someone.

I used to believe that my allergic reactions to earrings or necklaces and yes! leather wrist watches too was because i bought the cheap stuff. Oh well, that is just one fact but it isn't entirely the determining factor for my allergic reactions.
But here are the insights i got this past few weeks.

reactions to earrings, necklaces and jewelries
Allergic reactions to jewelries or metal allergies occur as a result of rich or trace amounts of nickel metal or alloys of nickel present in it. Jewelry makers use nickel metal in making jewelry pieces primarily because they are inexpensive lustrous metals and help give jewelry pieces its' shiny and whitening property.
This nickel metal contribute to 70% of an inexpensive jewelry piece which is then electroplated with choice metals. Also, nickel metal is used in expensive jewelry pieces (gold, silver among others). In fact some people don't even realise the jewelry piece they are buying isn't pure gold or silver and might be exploited except bought from a trusted dealer. The fact that it hasn't washed or faded just yet doesnt make it any pure or as we like to say....its not original
I mentioned earlier that i reacted to leather wrist watches and leather bracelets alike; turns out that the process of tanning in leather making involves metals of which traces are left behind. Nickel allergy isn't the only form of metal allergy (there quite a handful of them) but its the most common and also mostly common among the ladies.

reactions to earrings, necklaces and jewelries
 When said piece of jewelry is worn and makes contact with your skin and you take a swim(i don't know how to swim) or sweat. Our sweat or water tends to oxidize nickel metal and leave a salt residue on the skin. This is responsible for irritating the skin thereby causing allergic reactions.

When i buy a piece of jewelry; necklace or earring that is 'uncarat' in all its ramifications (lol!), my symptoms don't occur almost immediately. But overtime as the electroplate metal begin to wash off due to sweat or moisture my earlobes become very itchy or my necklace leave rashes around my neck. And symptoms become really severe especially if i cant't stop myself from itching the kain affected area or if i don't stop wearing that piece of jewelry

In a bid to shorten this post and not make it as medical as it is right now and i think its less interesting from this angle. I wrote kind of like a part II of this post. where I listed some ways to cope with jewelry allergy and still rock any 'cheap' piece or jewelry

The unfortunate thing is, there is no permanent cure; we were born this way. The only said treatment is prevention (not wearing any jewelry piece at all and just be a deeper life member by genes) or consider wearing jewelries that are 24K gold (99% gold) or pure stainless steel or titanium.
*cries on dangote's shoulder*
Please who am i kidding, i've never heed that advice (how buoyant is my bank account again?). 
And for this reason, i was able to find ways on how to deal with my allergies, rather than not wear jewelries at all.
 I would put up another post with creative ways on how I wear my earrings and necklaces. Ladies on a budget would love this one.
So be sure to read it up.



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  1. Thanks for sharing. Always wondered why jewelry will cause rash on my wrists and behind my ears.
    How I Styled My Sweatshirt

    1. You welcome Grace! Happy to share my knowledge with you.

  2. This post is an opener. So the culprit was nickel, or some other trace element... I always wondered why I broke into hives while wearing a leather wrist watch someone bought for me.

    Thanks for sharing this post.

  3. Oh wow! I don't know if mine is an allergy as such, but I can't wear anything that drops, I only wear studs. If my earrings drop, they start to itch. Lol, maybe that's psychological.

    Thanks for this anyway.

    1. Yeah, we tend to wear less dropping earrings and No it's not your mind dear.
      Thank you for reading.☺

  4. Hi June,

    Excellent post, very informative.

    My skin get irritated when I wear costume jewellery, now I know why, thank you so much for sharing this. :-)

    1. Thank you so much, Nedoux. I appreciate you for reading....hope I see you again😉

  5. This is really very good explanation that you have shared here with us. Everyone's skin is different so some may experience allergy to jewelries. Thanks for sharing this. I really appreciate it.


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