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3 Practical Tips On How To Wear Matte Lipgloss

June 24, 2017

practical tips on how to wear matte lipsticks and lip gloss perfectly

Matte lip creams are in, just iterating the fact in-case you missed my previous post. We are in the rainy season and it is only fitting we talk about how to wear these long-wearing lip formulas, be it lipsticks, lip glosses, lip creams or lip stains; whatever form they come in.

Thing to know about matte lipsticks

  • Matte lipsticks or lip creams differ from brand to brand; some dry super matte while some dry but not all the way matte.
  • Matte formulas dry out your lips. They say some wouldn’t; but, I’m yet to come across one.
  • They dry almost immediately and so do not apply them like a princess ;)
  • They do not give you time to adjust or clean out any imperfect streak; so you should learn to work with steady hands.

Now we have established some facts, let us get into how to put them on and always get them right. I made sure to categorize this “how to(s)” according to different stages. What to do before, during and after application. 

Top tips to wearing matte lipsticks and lip creams

  • Exfoliate your lips every other day before application : We never stop hearing this, I apologize in advance. A point to note is, matte lipstick formulas enhance imperfections. When your lips are creased or crinkled and you apply your matte lipstick, it will surely pronounce the roughness of your lips. You can make a humble lip scrub at home with a simple mix of sugar and honey. Scrub your lips gently with it for 2 mins and rinse off. You will be able to feel a smooth lip-canvas instantly and that will make for a seamless lipstick application. The skin on your lips is delicate so exfoliate them every other day and gently. 

  • Fix-up the right way : This is more like a hack. It is easier to fix up glossy or creamy lip formulas during the day but it becomes tricky when it comes to matte formulas. And maybe what you do is add more layers when they become tacky or start to fade. I have noticed that 4-5hrs after application, my lips become patchy and rough in the middle area. How do you fix this? You just don’t re-apply straightaway. If you do that, you may worsen and enhance the mess. Lightly dab a lip-balm on that patchy/rough area and then use a wipe to gently clean off the rough part, then re-apply your lip gloss. 

  • Moisturize Ahead : They say it is un-advisable to wear matte lip gloss everyday. I know they dry out my lips but most often than not, I don’t heed this advice. Having removed my makeup and knowing I will probably put on a matte lipstick the following day, I always moisturize my lips before bed with a balm. I love matte lip glosses so much that I am always sporting them or maybe on bare lips. You should take this step if you wear them on a regular basis to avoid dry and patchy lips. 

I do hope you learnt something here today?

 What is that one tip you always use to apply your matte lipgloss?

Let me know if these tips are practically helpful in the comment box below.

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    1. A little bit of makeup here and there is great! Thank you Sandra.


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