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BUDGET FRIENDLY | These Classic Makeup Matte Lip Creams Look High-end

June 16, 2017

Classic makeup cosmetics is a Nigerian drugstore brand with impressive products taking over the beauty scene and it is very budget friendly too

In recent years, liquid lip creams have taken center stage in the beauty sphere and the matte formulas are taking the front row seats.

Today I review these 24 Hours long lasting Lip gloss by Classic Makeup U.S.A. I will categorize
this brand as an indigenous brand or more specifically a Nigerian brand, please correct me if I am wrong.

Things to note about these lip creams…

  • These matte lip creams come in an 8ml plastic tube and they all have a doe-foot applicator that applies the product smoothly and precisely.

  • I love the colour intensity/pigmentation; and literally one swipe of this product dries opaque.

  • They do not transfer or come off for at least 8-10 hours if there is less activity around your lips. I doubt anyone’s lipstick would stay on for 24 hours without needing any touch-up except your lips do not move. The more activity around your lips like; drinking, eating or kissing, the more it is prone to transferring, smudging and fading.

  • They dry out your lips after removal and I will recommend moisturizing your lips with a lip balm before bedtime so you do not wake up with crinkled, chapped lips the following day ready for more matte lip cream action.

  • One swipe of this product dries matte under 30 secs but the swatches below are more than a swipe and they dried matte in a little over a minute.

Budget friendly matte lip gloss to try out

I got these three beautiful shades; Cocoa bean, Shiraz and Millbrook. Each of these retails for NGN700 at my local beauty store; but if you are lucky you can get them for NGN500 at yours. They are literally scattered all across Nigeria; hence very easy to find.

Let’s get swatch-ing…

I am not the best at describing tertiary colours but let’s see how I do;

Cocoa bean : A deep peach-toned nude colour that can be worn alone on lighter skin tones but the deeper skin tones might want to pull out a lip pencil that is two shades darker than this colour; so your lips do not appear washed out or ashy.

classic makeup usa matte lipgloss swatches

Shiraz : It is a brick red brown-toned shade that will suit almost all skin tones.

classic makeup usa lipgloss reviews and swatches

Millbrook : It is like a deep mauve-ish brown shade (forgive my colour description). Great colour on all skin tones. This is my favorite shade actually and I wear this almost all the time. To see more pictures of how dope this shade looks on my lips see my No-makeup makeup look achieved in 10mins post and prepare to fall love with it too.

classic makeup usa matte lipgloss reviews

So that is it guys; which one will you be getting?
Have you tried any of these shades?

Let me know in the comment section below, please :D

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Enjoy the weekend.

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