My Birthday Wishlist For Your Perusal

June 07, 2017

The best birthday wishlist ever!

For some reason I am drawn to wish-list posts  on other blogs. Anytime I see the link I just can’t help but  click to see what’s in it. There are loads of stuff I want and need but have no strength to splurge on; if you know what I mean (Hi bank account).

It's your girl’s birthday today, so I thought a wishlist post would be fun and its very well rounded; beauty, fashion, lifestyle.
My wishes are endless and in other to keep this brief and easy for you take in, I narrowed it down to my topmost fantasy from each category; yikess!   Why so expensiveeee….


The Morphe copper dreams brush set is one stylish and glamorous looking brush set. I love the rose gold finish about this brush. I have never owned anything from morphe and although I will like to own one of their eyeshadow palettes. But these below are some candy to wish for.

Photo Source : Morphe Instagram


A pair of red heels . A girl’s gotta dream about some Gianvito Rossi heels. But honestly though a red pumps from any brand would do.  it’s a must have but I don’t own one. I have been in search of the perfect red heels (emphasis on Perfect) and I haven’t found one. Gbemisoke had my ideal red pumps; perfect heel height and shoe structure but when I was ready to get one, they were sold out in my size. Anxiously waiting for when her new collection of pumps drops like…

the suede red shoes kate middleton wore
Photo Source :


A Vacation in Santorini, Greece. Why did I fall in love with this place again? Yanni! My love for this Greek composer goes wayyy over a decade ago, when I was in secondary school. One of his compositions titled “Satorini” was one of my favorite compositions; it is 2017 and it’s still a favorite on my playlist amongst other compositions. I remember randomly googling this particular composition 6/7 years ago just to know what inspired this musical masterpiece and pictures of santorini came up.

I got to know he was inspired by this beautiful volcanic island called “Santorini” and that was the very first time I learned there was an Island called Santorini. It was love at first sight and even now I’m still lusting over the idea of seeing this beauty for myself.

santorini tourist attraction in greece
Photo Source : Google

Oh no! how can I fail to add a gadget to this list. Its every bloggers need; not want this time. I am yet to know what type of DSLR camera but a canon camera would be a good place to start.

What is the most expensive thing on your wishlist? Mine is a trip to Santorini; I would love to know yours.
Don't forget to wish me a Happy Birthday, will you.

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Kindly holla at your girl.

Have a beautiful and fulfilled Wednesday.

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  1. Happy Birthday, may all your wish come true!

  2. You are gaining what you wish; you are doing what you want – are these the only ways to happiness? What if your mind is not calm, not satisfied then what will be the meaning of these things? Only a joyful quote from your dear ones can assure you that they are beside you always, they are your well-wishers, they need you to be cheered. You can have mental satisfaction as you receive their wishes.

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