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NO-MAKEUP MAKEUP LOOK Achieved In 10Mins With No Foundation

June 01, 2017

minimal makeup look

The no makeup make-up look is definitely a go-to if you love minimal makeup and want your skin to breathe. Most often than not, we love
these kind of looks because it looks natural and make you look less artificial than you would staying 100% beat from eyebrows to lips.
I have seen these kind of looks done by MUA(s) and beauty youtubers which I always adore but every time I watch these routines they pull out a foundation. 

A fact about me is; I do not wear makeup every time I step out of the house. I am friends with the idea of allowing one's skin breathe and for me it means using no foundation most times. 
Please do not be mistaken, I love makeup; but, over time I have learnt to walk make-up free especially when there is no occasion that would require me being beat a 100%. 

We will discuss tips on how to ease into going make-up free every other day in another blog post.

This look is clean, simple and you can pull it off with whatever you have in your makeup bag in 10mins or less.

Let's get to it...

  • Then I went in to filling my eyebrows using thin hair-like strokes and then cleaned it up with a concealer lighter than my skin tone.

  • I skipped colour correcting and went straight to using a TINY bit of that same concealer on my eyelids and underneath my eye area and then on my lips extending a bit over my natural lip line. Because I wasn't using foundation, I went easy on the concealer so i wouldn't step out looking like a hot mess.

  • Blend, blend, blend, BLEND.

  • Then I applied my setting powder to everywhere I just applied the concealer and also where I would naturally want to highlight; forehead, cupids bow, and below the hollow of my cheeks. I did not allow it to set for more than 30 secs (NO BAKING PLEASE).

  • Then I finished off my face with my pressed powder, warming up the cheeks with a subtle warm toned blush shade and topped my lips with a liquid matte lip gloss.

easy and simple makeup looks for summer

simple clean makeup tutorial

Products Used :

Base :
Benefit Cosmetics’ Matte rescue super mattifying gel (See review here.)

Eyebrows/Eyelashes :
Classic eyebrow pencil in 03 Coffee
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
Highlight :
La Girl PRO-conceal in Fawn
Sasha Buttercup setting powder

Face :
Milani Minerals compact powder in 109 Warm

Cheeks :
Zaron blush in Mudfest

Lips :
Classic 24 hours matte lip gloss in Milbrook

These photos were taken with my Iphone; I know it might look a tad bit low resolution...but what do you think? 
  Rain down the critics in the comment box. Let me know what I need to work on.

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Kindly holla at your girl.

Have a beautiful and fulfilled Thursday.

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  1. This look is fine and even without foundation your face is smooth

  2. The sun in lagos is very hot and this look is good for our kind of wheather here. I will do this kind of make up more

    1. I'm glad you found it helpful.
      Thanks debbi

  3. you did well. this look is clean and easy to do. perfect for the sunny days.
    Please where can i buy the classic eye pencil.

    i love your blog too.

    1. Ah! Thank you Ruth...means a lot.
      I got it from my local beauty store just close to where I live...I honestly do not know the name of their store(don't think I've ever looked to check for their name but I bet you can find classic products in almost every beauty store around you. It's quite popular. I hope you find it.

  4. i love the lip colour. The last time i got classic lipgloss i did not see this one. i will find this next time.

  5. with my expert knowledge on makeup, i think efficiency in this look is 100%... The damsel's beauty is still enhanced with little effort.

  6. Wow, I love this look so much. I don't wear make up all the time too and I like to have some air on my face lol. So I definitely love this look. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Just seeing this...Thanks babes! We sometimes forget that our facial skin has pores to get things out and also hydrate every now and then...the less clogged they are the better skin health we have.

  7. lovely make up. Need to get those 3 shades of Classic lipstick asap.
    Great work June

    1. Yayyy!

      Thank you honey and it feels good to see you here 😊


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