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REVIEW | See Why I Stopped Using This Makeup Fix Spray With Snail Extract By Kiss Beauty

June 29, 2017

Review of kiss beauty make up fix spray with snail extract and why i stopped using it

Make-up fix sprays is definitely one of those cosmetic inventions that I am not used to and just starting to warm up to.
I stumbled upon this fix spray and the POREfessional "matte rescue" gel by Benefit cosmetics when I went to check out something entirely unrelated to beauty.
This is one of those un-budgeted purchases along side this one, that didn't cost me a lot, but then I regretted getting this very one after I took time to vividly look at the back just a week ago. What drew me to it was the "SNAIL" written in bold uppercase letters on the packaging. It looked interesting to me and I went for it without looking at the back of the packaging. I used it alright; but after much research, I decided to stop using it and let you guys in on why.

Review of kiss beauty make up fix spray with snail extract and why i stopped using it

What Kiss Beauty claims it does;
  • "An effective & efficient refreshing mist instantly sets make-up & extends its wear or or hold".

  • "Quenches skin with continuous hydration & comfort".

  • "Promotes sensation of freshness & well-being".

  • "Suitable for all skin types".

see why i stopped using the Kiss beauty make up fix spray with snail extract

Important things to note about this Make-up fix spray;

  • It comes in a 120ml plastic bottle with a spray head and girl does it release showers. It releases too much mist in one push of the spray pump.

  • The colour of the fluid is a very pale brown hue. And it smells so refreshingly good and snails don't even smell that good at all.

  • This product feels very cooling on the skin. Yes, it refreshes and fixes your makeup by adding moisture and giving a soft glow.

  • It does not do extend the wear or hold of your makeup.

  • It contains Vitamin E, Snail extract which contains glycolic acids that firms and restores the skin amongst other great benefits for your skin.

  • My excitement was out the window when I saw that this product contained propylparabens and methylparaben which are easily absorbed by the skin and is potentially harmful to the skin; afecting  bodyily functions and also linked to causing cancer. 

  • I bought it for NGN1,500; which wasn't entirely a painful splurge.

It does what it says it will quite alright, but it is not 100% effective. Pocket-friendly but I am definitely not repurchasing this product.

Paying attention to the ingredient listing at the back of any cosmetic product I buy is imperative from henceforth. I enjoin you guyz todo so too; because parabens are one of many dangerous chemicals to be avoided. 

I am glad they were transparent about their ingredients; it is those ones that aren't or never has nothing listed behind we should be very careful about.

Which cosmetic invention are you yet to try out?

Leave the name of the product in the comment box below.

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