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October 19, 2017

Nigerian beauty blogger review of baobab oil 1

I promised you on Instagram that I will be here today (connect with me on instagram @beautyfables) and thank you, thank you, thank you, for stopping by again.

I had to do a special post for this one, just had to. It's my first time trying out baobab oil which might be new to you as well- so I had to share my thoughts.

The Baobab oil might not be as popular as Shea Butter but it will surely get the attention it deserves in the nearest future. According to research, it has great benefits to offer the skin and hair even much more than your fave oil :D 

This oil is made by a Nigerian natural skincare brand called R and R Luxury. They have been around for about 3 years or more and its my first time being a customer. So I am really excited to bring you this review.

I was reading the other day I found out that this oil contains rich nutrients that are beneficial to the skin. Rich in fatty acids, all omega 3 acids and vitamins A, C, D, E and K. Will be sharing deeper on these anti-oxidants on a later post because if I start to talk, this will be a long read.

It’s such a potent oil for your skin and hair as it has anti-inflammatory properties - which helps in boosting collagen production to slowing down signs of aging(wrinkles & fine lines), protects the skin against sun damage, also works to fade out stretch marks, promote hair luster and growth...among many great benefits. 

Continue reading to know my thoughts about this oil.

Nigerian beauty blogger reviews

My Thoughts :

  • I bought this last week from a Nigerian skincare brand called R and R Luxury and I love has a woody/nutty scent which is usual for plant-derived oils.

  • It also has a golden-yellow hue which comes in this pretty brown-bottle packaging that has a dropper cap...absolutely gorgeous! 

Nigerian skincare blogger reviews

  • It has a viscous texture and feels silky when rubbed onto the skin. It sinks into the skin beautifully leaving a soft-light sheen to the skin. Thankfully, it doesn’t give you that greasy feel like Shea Butter would (I still love my shea butter btw). 

  • So this works as a practical daily moisturizer for humid weather we have in Lagos and also great for the harmattan season when the air is dry and dusty.

Top Nigerian beauty blogger

  • I think this is great for all skin types but I’m never heavy-handed with this product on my face because its on the thicker side and also because I've got quite an oily situation there. 

  • It doesn’t break me out or irritate my skin either and I think this is an obvious pointer that it is a sensitive-skin-friendly oil.

  • This will alleviate dry skin and will also promote healthy-shiny hair (straight, natural-mane or processed hair).

Overall, I will rate this oil a 4/5 just because it's barely 2 weeks old in use.
In my mind I know its a 5/5 already. 

I think this is a good oil to reach for on a daily basis- great moisturizer for all skin types, also potent for repairing damaged skin and for bringing back luster and clarity to your skin tone. And yes, it boosts hair growth and health.

You can recommend this to your friend and share this post to your aunt looking a healthy solution to fade out hyper-pigmentation marks, sun spots and is ready to bring back that healthy glow :D 

Shop this 100% Baobab oil here  for N1,900 only and be sure to check for some other selection of body/hair oils.

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  1. The use of various oils will be optimal, especially for dry skin. Baobab oil has become an absolute novelty for us. However, it is worth trying to evaluate its effect


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