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What is Micellar Water And What Makes It An Efficient Makeup Remover

October 27, 2017

Nigerian beauty blogger explains what is micellar water

We are talking micellar water today. I almost typed “miscellaneous” because this is in fact a 3-in-1 fix all wrapped in one main motive; which is to rid your skin of dirt. 

Micellar water has been around long before they started standing tall on "every" girl's table, thanks to innovation and the internet.

We can all understand water but have you ever wondered what the fancy name “micellar” is about. I did wonder too. And no, it’s not another marketing-gimmick to sell more water in a cute!

What Is Micellar water And What Does It Do?

Micellar is water made of micelles. For the obvious part - what are micelles? 
Micelles are surfectants; which are mixtures of tiny or microscopic balls of oil molecules that contain fatty-acid esters.

Surfactants can also be found in detergents, creams, makeup e.t.c. They serve different purposes in these various products. And the contents that are put together to form these micelles that play an important role to serve its intended purpose. 

However, micellar water has been formulated for a main purpose - which is to clean off dirt or makeup. But as technology will have it, it's been made to do more order than just clean.

How Does Micellar Water Work?

Micellar water works in a like-attract-like manner (appreciate your chemistry teacher if you recalled this basic chemistry :D).

Those tiny micelles I just explained earlier are oil-loving; so they are naturally attracted to dirt or greasy makeup (foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow) and also water proof makeup (like mascara and eyeliner).

That  is why it is an efficient and convenient way of removing makeup; especially on those lazy days where you’d rather be on your bed or those times away from home and you have limited access to water. Oh yes! they come in travel size bottles too.

There are so many brands of Micellar water but thankfully notable brands like Garnier and simple skin have quite a presence in Nigeria. 

Nigerian beauty blogger

Let's Talk Pros

  • The Garnier Pure Active Micellar Cleansing Water has been formulated not only to remove makeup but also to penetrate deep into the skin to cleanse as well as effectively nourish the skin. 

  • This micellar water removes makeup or dirt from my skin so efficiently and it is also gentle enough that I can use it on my face twice daily. 

  • It contains moisturizing ingredients like fatty acids so it never strips my skin dry thereby maintaining the chemical structure of the skin’s barrier.

  • It is easy, convenient and also fun to use; which is a reverse feeling from the usual feeling you get when you think about taking off your makeup.

  • I would say, it is affordable for the amount of product and also the quality of product you get for the price you pay but that is relative. Considering there is no strict price cap to this product in Nigeria. I have seen this product sold at ridiculous prices; double the price I paid to get mine (trust me to open several tabs to compare prices). Luckily, I bought for N2,830 at Spar mall on Town planning way, Ilupeju.

But let’s get to the con, shall we.

Unfortunately Fortunately, I can’t think of any CON. It’s the perfect makeup remover anyone could possibly have as a companion.

And also note that there is a Garnier micellar water formulated to suit every skin type (oily, combination, dry or sensitive skin). So find yours.

How I Use

  • I use this after shower as a double-cleanse step. I squat this over a cotton pad to wipe my face down to my neck. For extra moisture i love to go over my face with my baobab oil, love how my skin feels when it comes on (I shared my thoughts on baobab oil (click HERE

  • On lazy days, I use this as my only cleansing step. Doing this will require more micellar water and more cotton pads for proper cleaning; depending on how much makeup I had on.
  • I also use this to freshen up my face when its been a while I had a shower and ready to put on makeup to step out.

I love this product so much and I would recommend you get one for yourself. Remember to get the one suitable for your skin-type. 

To be honest, this is a fun way to spice up your makeup removal routine, trust me!

I had only good reviews about this product.

Have you used this product, do you have contradictory review about it?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  2. The special composition of micellar water allows you to remove makeup residues without harming our skin. It is very convenient for girls


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