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How To Shop For Good Quality Skincare Products When On A Slim Budget

November 08, 2017

How to shop for quality skincare

There is a reason behind this post at this time especially with the holidays in sight. 
Around this time we tend to splurge more on Fashion than on beauty products, specifically skincare products (my own fact). So basically, skincare has that small chunk of monetary attention. It could be, you have little money to spare in this category OR;
that being judicious in spending we want to spend smartly and score the right products as well, so as not to end up with regrets over that new foundation not being a right match for your skin tone (finally, this metaphor fits).

In the last 5 months, I’ve paid closer attention to my skin and these are the best practices I apply or questions I cross-off at the back of my mind when buying a product especially when I’m on a strict budget.

1/ What do you need?

As obvious as it sounds; sometimes I enter a store just to see what’s new on the aisle. I mean, when on a strict budget, it’s not wisdom to just do that; you may run into many options and end up getting what you don’t need. It’s healthier to have a simple answer to “what do you need?” when on a budget than assume you will find what you are looking for when you hit that store. 
Yes, you might not know what you need by name per say but at the back of your mind you have a need for some product that helps in doing something- that is enough to help align your choices. 
Point 2 which will make help you make a clearer decision.

2/ What do you need “that product” to do for you?

The best way of knowing what you need is by looking at the pressing need at hand. What do you want to address? When on a budget, having a clear answer to this question should help put things into perspective. We may have all those needs well bullet-(ed) on that list but the most pressing should be at the top considering the monetary you have set aside. It's like having a strong pitch; “I want this (product name) because I need to tackle this(need, skin issue)”. If your pitch isn’t clear or convincing to you, then you are better off saving that dime or you may spend on the wrong product for you when at the beauty store. 

3/ What Are Your Findings?

Yerp! So glad to be living in this age and time where all the business is laid out on the internet. It’s much easier to do your homework on which products to buy before going to look for them at the store. 

Doing your research, helps you know the top performers in addressing your need, price points and also where to get them. 
You could search for a product to find who retails it and google may pull up 2 or 3 stores; chances are, that product retails at different prices. So you are in much luck of comparing prices to see which is the best price and also you may get to discover if there are any discount offers or cheap shipping fare (if ordering online).
This saves you time at your beauty store and also saves you from wasted trips to the store in cases where the product is unavailable.

You score extra points if you get down to the nitty gritty of skincare ingredients; to better educate yourself about what ingredients to lookout for in a product before buying it, it’s perks and also learn of it’s side-effects if any. 

4/ What Does The Ingredient Label Say?

Just in case you walk into the beauty store and they are sold out on the product they had 2 days ago and have forgotten to update their website. You can apply what you've researched at this point by looking through the products on the aisle to check any item with similar specifications from what you now know. 

I love cute packaging (we all do); this could go as far as being a major deciding factor for me when buying somethings outside of just beauty products. But in this case, we want to shop smart within our budget and also make sure whichever product we pay for, works. That could mean, going for product(s) that have a track record (according to reviews) of giving the results you hope to achieve first; before paying attention to its appearance. 
Yes, we might get a little carried away with aesthetics or the finer things but the way to get it right is by revisiting your reason for making that purchase - “why do you need it” and also “what you hope to achieve from it”. If your answers sound good enough to you, then you are ready to checkout.

These are my top practices, what else would you recommend I do when shopping for beauty products?

Kindly share with me in the comment section below.

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  1. We should look for the products that will suit us personally. Each type of skin reacts differently to the composition of cosmetics. It is important to consider when buying


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