Welcome to beautyfables.com! A blog that tells my passion for beauty in concise words and pretty photos.

You may find a huge chunk of this blog to be about skincare and some about makeup, lifestyle and haircare in that order. After all, the skin is the largest organ of the body ;)

I have an oily, acne-prone skin type and the struggle with acne right from my teenage years has drawn me even closer to skincare. My skin type can't be changed but I'm always on a journey to finding the next best thing within my means in caring for it.
Some products work and then some fail me; but the the tale lives here for you to read all about it.

I am also an avid tea drinker, if that means anything to you :D

I hope you find my reviews, tips and go-to self care routine of help to you in finding your way around this thing called beauty and life.

Also feel free to get in touch with me at BFinquiries@gmail.com, I want to hear all about it and catch a glimpse of my selfies :) and routines on instagram @BeautyFables <3

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